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Healthy Leadership

49 Futuristic Positive Leadership Skills for 2020
Author: Niall Kennedy

Imagine yourself on a gurney (hospital bed) being admitted to hospital in the year 2020.

Think of the problems that we are having now with the patient admittance being too slow for a whole host of reasons. What is it going to be like in 2020 when the population is even older? Now consider all the health services you'll need on your gurney journey to provide you excellent care (surgery, doctors, anaesthetists, radiology etc.). Don't forget the allied health services (rehab, physio, counselling etc.). And don't forget about the augmented services either (insurance, government, workcover etc.). 416 Health Professionals were surveyed to figure out the leadership capabilities they believed would be most important to the health industry by the year 2020. This book highlights 49 Capabilities that will make the health sector more efficient.

The book is designed to be a leadership self reflection book. This leadership capability book helps you map out your strengths and identify areas for improvement, so you can develop a leadership skill-set into a natural mastery of leadership. Consider this new book to be your loyal and trusted friend, taking you further with your leadership career. Like all great friendships, you will need to be honest and truthful to get the best result. Healthy Leadership poses hundreds of questions to help you identify your own leadership skills and reveal leadership deficits.

This book is an excellent and timely read. I really like the references to the gurney journey. The health sector is currently trying to improve processes and yet maintain the highest level of healthcare. This book is an asset to the health industry.
Anne Wright,
Director Organisation Development Northern Health

Niall has a firm understanding of the health sector and can provide unique leadership insights. He is a master story teller and leadership investigator. This books will help the reader understand the day to day challenges of the entire health industry.
Dan Casey,
L&D Manager Medibank