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Errant Workplace Behaviours
Costs, Consequences & Corrections
Author: Niall Kennedy

Ernie the head horse runs a dysfunctional farm. Ernie is not the world's best manager. Consequently the animals have developed errant behaviours, causing havoc on the farm. This book invites the reader to consider the errant behaviours happening within their own organisation. You also get the opportunity to tally up the costs of errant behaviours at your organisation.

Errant Workplace Behaviours is Niall Kennedy's 3rd Book A farm fable with lots of food for thought. How do you compare?

“I really like this book because it’s easy to read and provides unique prompts for the reader to consider errant behaviours in their own organisations”
J. Wynen, Manager People and Culture, Bass Coast Shire

"Well done on another innovative approach to solving common workplace issues! It’s a refreshing read with just the right amount of humour. Lots of useful ideas.”
E. Nunez, HR Director, Pitcher Partners

“Truly Orwellian — a dystopic masterpiece. Not since Joyce, Yeats and Beckett has an Irish Writer delivered such quality.”
N. Kennedy (slightly biased)

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