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Does Your Company Generate Ideas to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

Posted Date: 2015-11-30

“Early adopter” is the term used to describe the bunch of people who are the first to try new innovations or inventions. Early adopters will camp outside waiting for the new version of the iPhone.  Early adopters will generate ideas to help stay ahead of the competition. I’m at the late adopter stage and hate things like software updates. I figure it’s better to let the early adopters get caught up with all the flaws before I upgrade. 

Stop being a Middler and Become a Finisher

Posted Date: 2015-11-29

A few years ago I had a colleague who, not matter what you asked him to do, would always say that he was in the middle of things. I never really knew what it was he was in the middle of, but it was pretty important and obviously quite lengthy because he was in the middle for what seemed liked years! This sort of behaviour - middling – costs organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time and poor productivity. You can always spot the middler by their response to any question about their workload capacity.

Good Managers Know How to Delegate

Posted Date: 2015-11-24

Perhaps one of the most underrated management skills is delegating. The ability to succinctly and clearly delegate work will make you far more effective in the workplace.

People mistake delegation for simply telling people what to do. Delegation, by its definition, implies some level of authority or representation- so when you are delegating you are empowering and allowing that person to do the job. In summary you are giving the person the authority to complete the task or job.

Understanding How to Manage Fear of Change in the workplace

Posted Date: 2015-11-17

Managing change is always going to be an issue for organisations. Whether it’s a restructure, a merger, a technology update, a new initiative or even a new CEO, organisations constantly face some form of change. The challenge is to firstly accept the need for change and secondly, successfully navigate change. Unfortunately, organisations often manage change very poorly which can cause staff to adopt a survival mentality and a fear of change occurs. At its core, survival behaviour is a form of resistance which is a natural reaction to unwelcomed change.

Performance Appraisals

Posted Date: 2015-11-12

The two words that strike fear into the heart of managers and staff - Performance Appraisal. Why do managers and staff react so negatively to performance appraisals? Often the negative reaction is because the collective experiences of performance appraisal is ambivalent at best and negative at worst. For many people a trip to the dentist is far more appealing than either conducting or attending a performance appraisal.