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The importance of management training

Posted Date: 2017-03-31

Formal management training is an important aspect of the modern corporate world. The globalized world we live has evolved over long periods of time. This highlights the need to understand the importance of harnessing human capital in the cause of consistently achieving corporate goals and objectives. We note that happy employees tend to enjoy higher job satisfaction levels and therefore, are more productive resources...

New-Gen Professional Training - Harnessing the Power of Story Telling for Organizational Development

Posted Date: 2017-03-24

Stories present facts in a delightful manner and keep the audience captivated long after the session has ended. Not surprisingly, the art of story-telling has now been adopted and adapted suitably for organization training programs for the new-gen professionals. In fact, many companies are now considering story-telling sessions as a viable and successful way of connecting with employees and imparting knowledge that enhance their skills.

The Art of Story-telling

Stories offer a medium for people to interact with each other meaningfully, share passions and knowledge and communicate their experiences of hardship and success. They help create an enriching bond that inspires others and break barriers between people of different aptitudes and attitudes. In a corporate environment, all this helps in building a harmonious atmosphere between colleagues and create a team out of individuals...

How Do Strategically Chosen Pictures Make a Better Impact than Bullet Points in Professional Training Programs?

Posted Date: 2017-03-17

Training sessions are an integral part of many companies wherein employees are updated about innovations or the latest strategies that are about to be implemented. Such sessions are also conducted to often enhance the knowledge of employees in specific areas so as to improve their contribution to the growth of the company.

However, most professional training programs can become quite boring and incomprehensible as they comprise multitudes of slides containing texts that are just highlighted by bullet points. A better alternative to make training sessions more absorbing is through strategically selected pictures placed on slides and not just texts...