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Impact of Incorporating Real Life Business Scenarios in Professional Development Programmes

Posted Date: 2017-02-20

When you decide to take up a particular profession, what course of action is recommended? In most cases the usual procedure of obtaining degrees from various pertinent colleges would apply readying you for the post you desire. However, have you ever considered the usefulness of an e-learning course? E-learning offers people the opportunity to learn particular skills in an environment that is safe. It can also help a person to achieve high performance work practices without impacting customers and fellow-workers...

What Makes Professional Training a Great Strategy for Staff Development?

Posted Date: 2017-02-13

If you are running a company and are keen to hone the development aspects of your staff, you should think of getting a professional trainer to do the job. A professional trainer, as against other maybe qualified trainers, will have all the tools and the right approach to reach out to your employees and ensure that they benefit from the training programme. A professional trainer needs to be a good course facilitator and provide not only knowledge and tips on career development he or she will also be able to improve resilience skills and motivation skills, which are often lacking in group training...

How Can Businesses Benefit by Funding Employee Professional Development Programs

Posted Date: 2017-02-06

In most companies, one of the biggest reasons that employees chose to move on to another company is because they feel their growth has either become stunted or they are not learning anything new or have nothing new to offer to the company. So, if you are good employer, it is necessary that you ensure your employee is working with you instead of increasing the profits of another company.

As a standard that is followed in various companies, one of the most common things followed in companies to maintain high performance work practices is giving employees training programmes. So, let’s run through the benefits of these programs...