Train the Mentor

This course is designed to prepare mentors for a mentoring program. Designed to give mentors an insight into what effective mentoring is all about, our mentor training program can help businesses thrive. Participants discover a mentoring methodology to structure the mentoring process. Participants also learn how to set expectations with the mentees from the outset. By following this methodology both mentors and […]

Train the On-The-Job Trainer
Train the On-The-Job Trainer

Critical workplace learning often hinges on these trainers When was the last time you trained your on-the-job trainers as a group? Many organisations are embracing 70:20:10. But they often assume that the 70 piece is working smoothly. Are all your on-the-job trainers truly on the same page? Surely it makes sense to give them practical training and transfer of knowledge […]

Train the Technical Trainer

Pre-requisites There are no pre-requisites other than the participant will be responsible for delivering technical training. Some course participants may have the Cert IV but it is not essential. This course is completely different to the Cert IV. There is very little overlap as the Cert IV is too theoretical and top heavy in process and assessment. Whereas this course […]

Train the Trainer Training course

Benefits Of The Train The Trainer Course This train the trainer course pivots around the 70:20:10 model. Participants discover tools to help embed organisational learning. So, if you would like to boost levels of audience engagement and learning, then this course is perfect. This training has been designed for new and experienced trainers. Your experienced trainers will learn some new […]

Training Technical People to Manage Satellite Teams

This course was designed to give technical experts an understanding of what difficulties often arise when leading satellite teams. Technical people often like order and structure. However organising satellite teams is seldom straightforward. Your technical people will discover proven methods to get satellite teams to complete tasks more seamlessly. They will also learn the benefits of being more flexible and […]

Transitioning Groups to Teams

The group will decide on a core set of competencies that the group collectively agrees to be mission critical for their team to be a high performing team. Group members will be encouraged to complete a gap analysis of their own skill ratings against those of the group to consider development opportunities. The group will create the Team Charter of […]

Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development

Tuckman’s stages of group development describe the four different stages of a group as they get together to operate collectively. The stages of group development by Tuckman enable people to gather a better understanding of how groups work. Forming: This stage is marked by the desire of people to be accepted by others without any conflict. People avoid issues and focus […]

Workplace Behaviour Course
Workplace Behaviour Course

Discover practical behaviour strategies to remove negative behaviours such as bullying and discrimination. If you are serious about removing unacceptable employee behaviours in the workplace then this course is perfect. Don’t miss out on this breakthrough course in workplace behaviour training. Learn positive behaviour strategies to remove negative behaviours such as workplace bullying and workplace discrimination. This course is an opportunity […]

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