Realtime Leadership

Too many leadership development projects get too complicated. It’s easy to get caught up in the diagnostic and theoretical components of leadership without actually doing anything. A major criticism of leadership programs is that they often substitute “doing” with “deliberating”. RealTime Leadership® enables you to move from thinking about leadership development to actually delivering leadership development programs in an effective […]

Removing Role Ambiguity

Role ambiguity is the #1 cause of conflict in the workplace Role ambiguity is one of the major causes of workplace conflict and therefore it is imperative that senior leaders are crystal clear about their own roles and that of their colleagues. Leaders and managers need to accept that there will be ambiguity and uncertainty because leadership is not always […]

Speed Reading Course

A speed reading course gives you the essential speed reading techniques to help you learn to read faster. This course is suitable for anybody who has a reading tray that is never empty. Most universities now provide a speed reading training program for their students; however, this program is specifically tailored to help you read your individual reading material faster. Speed reading […]

Team Leader Training Course

“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office” – Dwight D Eisenhower The role of a team leader is critical to ensuring the team succeed in their objectives. This niche course provides you with […]

Walking on Eggshells with an Elephant in the Cupboard

The great news is the walking on eggshells phenomenon is very prevalent in the workplace. As esteemed Psychologist Suzanne Lubris suggests “the net gain of addressing and possibly fixing the problem is just not worth the emotional cost, which results in major issues getting swept aside” It becomes almost habitual to not notice the elephant in the cupboard. In the […]

Workplace Inclusion & Diversity Training

Businesses are required to comply with workplace standards to actively promote workplace diversity and inclusiveness. The course helps you scan your environment to spot opportunities to engage more people in your diversity and inclusion objectives. If your organisation is focussed on nurturing a safe, diverse and inclusive culture then this course is highly recommended. Break down barriers & encourage diverse […]

Workplace Tolerance Training Course

Plan of action Workplace patience and tolerance requires an understanding and ultimately the adoption of suitable diversity strategies. Whilst patience and tolerance go hand in hand, other diversity issues include being more self aware, understanding others and their behaviours, being responsible and also being accountable for your actions. In today’s workplaces, it is very important to be patient and tolerant […]

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