Moving the Responsibility of Learning to the Learner

The 4 models covered are: 70 20 10 Performance Consulting Blended Learning Connectivism Here’s a quick overview of the presentation: Moving the accountability of learning to the learner Staff love to highlight “lack of training” on their exit surveys. But it’s fair to say that they need to shoulder some of the responsibility. They often treat Training Needs Analysis as […]

Multiskilling Training Course

Plan of action A more adaptable, multi skilled workforce capable of keeping pace with the times is a competitive advantage for organisations. Too many people rely on their formidable abilities and pay scant attention to developing other skills. For example, how many people do you know who are technically brilliant but have very few people skills? Here is an example […]

Open Plan Work Training

Some employees take to open plan like ducks to water. Other employees notch up the grumble index hoping that the partitions will return. This course is for all employees. Discover some strategies to make open office environment work for you. Our open plan work training is designed to equip you with skills to enhance efficiency in an open workspace design. If you have been looking […]

People = Profit

It’s impossible in today’s competitive environment to post a profit without having the right behaviours from your people. The foundation of every organisation is its people. Academics argue that even if you have the wrong strategy and the right people then your organisation will be profitable. Too many organisations place too much emphasis on systems and overlook developing their people […]

Separating Role as Manager and Role in the Community

How to Roll Along Wearing 2 Hats in Regional Communities Living and working in smaller and regional communities often means wearing two hats, one for your professional/work role and one for your personal/community roles. The trouble with this situation is when these roles cross over and managers and supervisors often report difficulties separating their role as managers from their roles […]

Social Media Marketing 101

With the continuing growth of social media marketing, it is critical to help all your people learn to leverage this opportunity. If you wish to equip your people with the skills of Social Media Marketing 101, our course is ideal. This training program is designed to build levels of interest in your organisation’s products, services and strategic direction. Learn how […]

Speed Reading: A Financial Review

Did you know? The average professional in Australia reads at a mere 200 words per minute. John F Kennedy could read comfortably at 10,000 words per minute. Theodore Roosevelt read 2-3 books a day while serving as president. Research indicates that people read twice as slowly from a computer. You are likely to read in excess of 7000 words today. […]

Story Telling

Here is a quick exercise Put together some PowerPoint slides about your company, your clients, the year you commenced business and your strategic direction. Now show it to your employees and note them drifting in and out of consciousness. They will be bored and uninspired. As an alternative, tell a story about your company, why it was set up, the […]

Technical And Systematic Learning

Plan of action Technical capabilities and systematic thinking styles are highly sought-after skills. If you picture all organisational activities, a technical person could break the picture into interlocking yet fluid jigsaw pieces. A systems person would ideally get the jigsaw to assemble itself. If you want to upgrade your technical capabilities and wish to enroll for a systematic learning course, […]

The 8 Footprints of Excellent Customer Service for Franchises

In the franchise industry, customers form perceptions of brands through interactions with franchisees and head office communications. Franchise customers like conformity and should always receive integrated messages. Customers become alarmed and “vote with their feet” when messages between head office and franchises are not congruent. Within the franchise industry, excellent customer service is a competitive advantage. Here is a routine […]

The New Laws of Selection, Retention and Onboarding

Too many organisations make too many mistakes when hiring new people. Worse still, the same interview mistakes recur and recur. Our course is designed to enhance interviewing skills for interviewers and enable them to identify and hire the best talent. This course helps participants navigate around new challenges in the selection process. You’ll also learn some new loyalty and retention […]

Think Thoughts Through

Plan of action Many organisations and careers crumble as a result of a poorly contemplated policy. The policy may have been a great idea but it had not been thought through rigorously enough. Learn a proven methodology to test the strength of an idea before fruition. Historical thinking embarrassments A motor car company let an accountant influence thinking styles by […]

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