Building Relationships Clients Suppliers Flyer

As the process of retaining and gaining clients continue to get more competitive, here is a learning methodology that is win/win and can help to break down communication silos between your organisation and your clients and/or suppliers. Four Steps to Build Long Term Relationships with your clients and/or suppliers: 1. Choose a training program that will build relationships with clients […]

Business Acumen Skills Course

Plan of action The term business acumen is simply the art of linking an insightful assessment of the external business world with an understanding of how money can be made. Then stakeholders develop key strategies to deliver desired results. This intelligence provides great scope to make good business judgements and quick decisions that are ultimately profitable for your organisation. No […]

Business Report Writing Skills Training Course

Improve internal and external reports with critical business report writing skills. A truly unique report writing course. To produce professional reports that people want to read, your business reports must be consistent, brief, clear and concise. Effective business report writing can be subjective. You might have switched roles or departments and suddenly your reports have been re-calibrated from excellent to […]

Business to Business Sales Skills

Our B2B sales courses enable you to hone your skills for effective outcomes. Enhance your confidence level with our courses that help you to boost your B2B sales skills. Our Business to Business advertising course is designed to help you improve your promotional skills and take your business to new heights. Participants learn how to be more consultative. The B2B […]

Business Training

Preferred Training Network offers a variety of courses at affordable rates. Training courses are an effective means to enhance the productivity of your workforce. Business training is vital for the growth of any company as it can equip your employees with certain key skills. The most important resource of any company is its employees. Helping employees to perform better and […]

Career Management Program

People don’t stay with the same employer anymore. In fact, the average Australian professional will now change their career direction more than 3 times in their working lives. Employees need to be responsible for their own development. However, it is the company’s responsibility to create an environment in which that is possible. If the employer and employee can work together […]

Change Management Course
Change Management Course

Why Change Management Course? Employees often fear change. When they hear about the change management plan, they wonder “How will it affect me?” If it’s communicated well, your employees can embrace change. If it’s communicated poorly, forget it. Change management courses are critical to ensure organisations are prepared for change and equipped to embrace the opportunities that change presents. Hearing […]

Chaos Management Training Course

How good are your chaos management skills? Ask yourself the following questions: Our people make fast and correct decisions during a chaos Our people can read the signals of a potential chaos Our people can map out a problem which might be intertwined with the organisational processes Our people have a proven platform to work from during a chaos We […]

Client Service Training – Building Blocks

The training process in six easy steps: Decide which blocks of Client Service you would like in your customised training program By working with one of our professional consultants, you can build a customised Client Service training program that suits your organisation and industry. Simply decide which blocks you would like in your Client Service training program and we will […]

Close Quarter Conflict Resolution Techniques
Close Quarter Conflict Resolution Techniques

Designed by a psychologist, this course will help your people discover how to manage their reactions and perceive conflict in a different light. Close quarter conflict usually occurs when people have opposing beliefs, operating systems, value systems, ideals, needs or goals. This type of conflict inevitably leads to reduced productivity and can damage levels of trust within teams therefore effecting […]

Coaching for Mutual Results

At a glance, here’s what “Coaching for Mutual Results” looks like: Structure session with the coach, manager and person being coached Goals set for the coaching process Measurable action steps identified Wrap up session with the coach, manager and person being coached Review of goals accomplished and continuity steps Choose your Coach (see below) SUZANNE Suzanne (B.A. Hons-Ind Psych; B.A. […]

Collaboration in the Workplace

This program was designed to equip managers with collaboration techniques to ensure their teams work collaboratively in business to pursue organisational objectives. Would you like to attend this program? For maximum effectiveness, this course is best conducted as an in-house program. Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this course at your workplace. Alternatively, we can provide a […]

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Change Management Course

Why Change Management Course? Employees often

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