Keeping People Accountable Training

Faced with this situation, its easy to take the path of least resistance. Don’t request from the maestro any tasks and use the rest of the team to fill in. Or take away all excuses for not completing the tasks. Keep everyone accountable and eliminate the wriggle room. Of course some reports and peers will still not do what’s instructed. […]

Manager as Change Champion

This breakthrough course influences managers to impact positively on the change. Importantly, managers learn how to become change champions and permeate change through your organisation. The session has some proven change frameworks including the Scott and Jaffe Change Cycle and the ADKAR framework. Program outline Module 1 Why Organisational Change? Learning Outcomes Drivers of Change Continuity of Change Managing different […]

Critical Writing Skills

One major irk of senior managers is that they spend too much time proofreading reports and correspondence from their direct reports. For example, a critical report is due, and the senior manager is reliant on everyone to complete their individual sections. Alas, the compiled report then becomes disjointed. It’s a combination of different writing styles, different tenses and poor grammar. […]

Managing Meetings Course

Time spent in unproductive meetings means time taken away from other important tasks. In order to be successful, every business meeting needs to receive a return on investment. Meetings are a good opportunity to generate creative ideas from a group of people who meet in order to achieve an outcome. Meetings can be extremely valuable and productive if run effectively. […]

Solution Focused Coaching

Have your people been specifically and professionally trained to move beyond coaching, to focus on a quantum shift in achieving significant results? Do you know how to get to the heart of the problem, and negotiate around the presenting problem? Solution focused coaching reduces the time it takes to get to an outcome, in performance, development and skills conversations. How […]

Employee Experience Design

We are becoming an experience economy, yet we overlook our employees and the experience each employee has at work. Here’s a course to help you design positive employee experiences. Your employees will feel more welcomed and valued. Think of it this way. If you are not providing positive experiences for your employees, then another organisation will. You’ll be surprised how […]

Frontline Leadership

Frontline Leadership is an initiative to develop your frontline leaders. An initiative is not a single step. Don’t make the mistake of firing up your frontline leaders and then forgetting them. Frontline leaders get dismayed if you don’t follow through with your promises. In this unique course, we help your organisation design and deliver a niche course which is backed […]

Wellbeing at Work

This course identifies how behaviours and moods can impact the workplace wellbeing balance. It’s a reflective course, and participants consider how their actions affect other people. For example, a manager may come to work in a bad mood every day. But the manager might be unaware that this mood also brings a dark cloud to the workplace. So this course […]

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Methodology:  Step 1: Facilitator prepares and meets parties one on one to hear individual perspectives.  Step 2: Facilitated conflict resolution and mediation program with all parties together  Step 3: One on one debrief with each party  Step 4: Agreement; facilitator formulates and recommends an agreement for all parties  Notes:  The facilitators style is amicable. The facilitator will help each party to state their case tactfully. Any common  ground will be accentuated, […]

De-Escalating Conflict Techniques
De-Escalating Conflict Techniques

Suddenly you’re in a situation that is boiling out of control. You can feel the tension and you’re fearful of what might happen next. Imagine the difference if you had a toolkit of conflict de-escalation techniques at hand. You’d feel more in control and you not helpless. In fact, these strategies are easy to implement, and you’ll get better and better as your confidence grows. The name of the game is to remain and appear calm and stay safe. You certainly don’t want to unknowingly enflame the situation further so it’s very important that you blueprint your behavioural response. These skills could literally save your life.

Recruiting Skills

Recruit Recruit Recruit! So why do we recruit so many duds? Why are some basic rules of recruiting bypassed? Recruitment is a process. Follow the steps and you’re far more likely to hire an excellent candidate. A dud can be a disaster so improve your processes and stop hiring them. For goodness sake, even if you don’t attend this course, […]

Professional Development Courses

Tailored Professional Development Training Preferred Training Networks gives you access to the best trainers, facilitators and instructional designers in Australia. Our experts are referred by the senior management from Australia’s top companies. Our knowledgeable consultants are easy to work with and will take utmost care to ensure that you are able to meet your learning goals. We understand that requirements […]

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