Performance Management And Bullying Awareness

Managers and Leaders are responsible for driving productivity. Sometimes Managers or Leaders are held back by a fear of accusations of bullying. Do your people know how to proceed without the anxiety? Do they know how to proceed with courageous conversations without being accused of bullying? Do they know how to avoid or manage a bullying accusation? “The challenge of […]

Performance Management for IT & Technical People

With the dot com boom, organisations were too busy to performance manage IT and technical people. The performance management task was left to the IT manager, who was often technically minded and had very little spare time for this crucial task. Rewards and bonuses were tied to task achievements with little linkage to behavioural guidelines. So how do you pull […]

Performance Management Training
Performance Management Training

This program will provide your staff with a range of skills and knowledge to better manage and address poor performance. Drawing on current data and using a very practical approach, this program will give your managers the confidence to better manage performance and work towards improved outcomes and productivity. *** Please note we can incorporate your performance management policy and […]

Presentation Skills Training Course

Effective Presentation Skills Learn how to deliver an effective business presentation that will bring about the results your organisation is looking for. Learn to structure your presentation to meet the audience’s expectations. Learn how to engage the audience no matter what the subject is. Presentations are often used as a formal method to plan and progress any business idea. They can be […]

Process Improvement Training

Outcomes Understanding how to improve critical business processes How to measure improvement How to identify value in these key processes Improve a core process during the workshop with a clear action plan and accountabilities How to build commitment to action How to reduce resistance to changes in processes How to sell the changes to key sponsors Discuss the reasons that […]

Recruiting Skills

Recruit Recruit Recruit! So why do we recruit so many duds? Why are some basic rules of recruiting bypassed? Recruitment is a process. Follow the steps and you’re far more likely to hire an excellent candidate. A dud can be a disaster so improve your processes and stop hiring them. For goodness sake, even if you don’t attend this course, […]

Results Orientation & Outcomes

The challenge is to get the right balance between planning and achieving results. This program will help your people discover a proven results orientation framework. Your people will develop foundation skills to achieve a results outcome. Would you like to attend this program? For maximum effectiveness, this program is best conducted as an in-house program. Ideal group size: 4 – […]

Sales Business To Business Building Blocks

The b2b sales training – a process in eight easy steps: Decide which blocks of Business to Business Sales best fit the needs of your managers The content of The Building Blocks of Business to Business Sales training program is the decision of the client. Simply put together the building blocks that you consider most valuable. Each block can be conducted in an […]

Surveys Made Simpler

Most popular types of surveys available to you are as follows Customer Surveys Entry / Exit surveys Organisational Capability surveys 360 degree surveys Engagement Level surveys Stakeholder satisfaction levels Advantages of using Preferred Training Networks to organise your surveys We can host your online survey and/or we can integrate it with your site. You have one point of contact instead […]

Team and Customer Etiquette

Behavioural surveys conclude that employees like being greeted in the morning and it’s hard to believe that some staff today don’t even say “Good Morning”. And if you recognise poor manners internally, you need to question what service standards your customers receive. The number one complaint of customers is usually related to a perceived rudeness from the organisation. An old […]

Team Building Skills

Teams can only work effectively if team goals are aligned with organisational objectives. Often, teams do not achieve high levels of productivity and building a high performing team requires a lot of work and training. If the team isn’t productive, managers often blame personalities within the team rather than the fact that the team has never been trained in the […]

Train the Facilitator

Facilitation is a trusted tool for sharing ideas, delivering messages and collaborating with others. Formal facilitation methods became more structured in the late 60’s and early 70’s as a means of removing dysfunctions in the workplace. In many organisations, the use of a neutral third party to manage and improve meetings, presentations and learning sessions has become a valuable tool. […]

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