Getting Discretionary Effort (DE)

The leader of the team is responsible for creating a good work environment for his/her team. This involves spending time trying to understand what motivates each individual and addressing problems faced by the team. Your Getting Discretionary Effort program can be custom designed to help your people to become better team and self motivators. The program provides an understanding on how people […]

Graduate Excellence Program

Through extensive research we have established an effective way of strengthening your existing graduate program. The Graduate Excellence Program is designed to complement your existing graduate program by offering a proven methodology that will highlight the support and development that each of your graduates will need to flourish and succeed in their current and future roles. By using a combination […]

Graduate Induction Course

Looking at your current work environment from the eyes of a “fresh” university graduate can be very enlightening. Many graduates believe that the work environment is less structured than a university and is a place where emergencies are occurring in no logical manner. Most induction training is perceived by graduates as very essential. However, graduates are also crying out for […]

Health Services Training

5S FOR HEALTH SERVICES A proven method to clean up and standardise the workplace Have a quick look around your workplace. What does it look like? Are all the workstations neat and organised? Is there a standardisation of service? This course is very much in vogue in health at the moment. Most offices have neat desks and not-so-neat desks — […]

Homing From Work

Be vigilant with social media. Some employees are probably addicted and will spend all day on social media if they can. Check performance – For example, somebody might tell you they’ve been flat out on the project since last week. Ask them to demonstrate to you the actual tasks that have been completed in the week.

How to Say No Training

This truly unique course was designed by an organisational psychologist to help your people feel more comfortable saying “No”. “No” can be omnipotent and is often under-used for a variety of reasons including cultural, personality and cognitive differences. The course is also designed to stop people from offering extras. Some people just can’t help themselves and they offer more than […]

How To Smell The Roses

Most people have regrets and disappointments in their lives. Many people get fixated chasing dreams. Once the dream is achieved they lose interest and chase another dream. This program looks at what’s really important for you to achieve in your life. It might be that you want to enjoy your job more or to enjoy your children more. For whatever […]

How’s Your Financial Awareness, Are you a Credidiot?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, you are a CREDIDIOT®. How’s your personal financial awareness. Credit companies make billions of dollars every year from CREDIDIOTS. Not long ago people prided themselves with how little debt they had, whereas nowadays, marketers have made it almost trendy to be severely in credit card debt (to large organisations). Personal […]

Influencing Negative Thinking Personalities And Change Resistors

It is critical for organisations to seize opportunities to provide better products and services for your customers and clients. In business, it’s a competitive advantage. In the public sector, customer service performance indicators are constantly monitored for funding and resourcing decisions. The challenge is that it’s much easier to ridicule ideas rather than to take risks exploring opportunities. At a […]

Just In Time Know How Training
Just In Time Know How Training

Just in Time Know-How is a small pre-approved budget usually endorsed by the CEO. It is an approval to spend $x with Preferred Training Networks to provide just in time know-how. The budget is small (average $20K per annum) and the spending usually lies at the discretion of one of your key people. Our promise to you is that we’ll […]

Make Bake Take

This is our favourite course and its free. We host the initial event in your area. Our presenters travel across Australia delivering presentations to organisations. Then we add on a “Make Bake Take” event and make use of the presenter being in your area. When we decide a venue we then issue invitations to the inaugural event in your area. […]

Minute Taking Training Course

ACCURATE MINUTES PROMOTE ACTION Minutes, also known as protocols are the instant written record of a meeting. They typically describe the events of the meeting, starting with a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses or decisions for the issues. Accurate minutes can be worth their weight in gold as they provide […]

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