Aim Higher

A big challenge is how to avoid these higher performers becoming bored and jumping ship. Or even worse, behavioural scientists have coined a phrase “quitters and stayers”. This is where your higher performing managers stay with your organisation but they just do the bare minimum to meet your performance targets. All their discretionary time (which could be yours) is spent […]

Ambiguity and Contrast Training
Ambiguity and Contrast Training

A rough translation of a 14th century monastic scribe suggests that ambiguity was invented because the romans were ruling the world too well. When ambiguity was introduced, all their commands went astray. Plan of action Ambiguity causes havoc in communications. Due to our cultural upbringing and our conditioning, we perceive the world differently to everyone else. Our clear as crystal […]

Anticipate Problems yet Willing to take Risks

Would you like to attend this program? Ideal group size: 4 – 12 participants Venue: For your convenience, you can choose to conduct this program at your business premises. Alternatively, we can provide a training venue at a small additional cost Duration: This program can be conducted as a one day or half day program Cost: Price on request Target […]

Assertiveness Training Course

By communicating assertively, you can feel confident and gain the respect of your colleagues and friends. Assertive communication involves speaking your mind and expressing your point in a constructive manner. People who are assertive tend to have less stress and conflict in their career and personal life. They can influence people and can get their needs met more easily. How […]

Authentic Leadership Training Course

Authentic Leadership Authentic leadership is a giant step forwards. It adds realness to the leaders. Employees and stakeholders are apathetic of PR and sanitised fake leadership. Authentic leaders have the X factor that creates calmness and instils loyalty. Authentic leaders are comfortable in their own skin with their strengths and weaknesses and often ooze confidence. Even when faced with seemingly […]

Baby Boomers Retention Techniques

Never before in history has such a large group of people voluntarily considered leaving the workforce. Ensure your organisation does not lose too many of these assets prematurely. Every organisation knows their baby boomers are beginning to look at their retirement options. The data suggests that often the last person to know about their retirement plans is the employer. However, […]

BDM Sales Skills

Our sales training programs are designed to enable participants to learn how to build levels of trust with customers and prospects. Participants will explore the Ansoff Matrix to unleash a new wave of opportunities and leads. A great BDM never runs short of opportunities or leads. The nature of sales is changing, but we still buy from people we like. […]

Behavioural Adjustment Techniques In Intense Situations Training

How well can you adapt your behaviours in intense situations? Ask yourself the following: I know how to eliminate stress. I control how my mind and body responds to difficult moments. I am aware of the things that cause tension. I know how to deal with angry people. I can easily identify possible exits in a volatile environment. I know […]

Behavioural Interviewing Styles Training

What is different about it? The essential difference is that interviewing is a behavioural diagnostic tool that asks competency-related questions that focus on past examples of demonstrated ability rather than asking hypothetical questions. E.g. ‘when did you demonstrate…’ rather than ‘what would you do if…’ Why do companies use behavioural interviewing? You can design specifi c behavioural questions to determine […]

Body Language Training Course

Verbal communication (talking) is only responsible for as much as 15% of a communication. The majority of the message is communicated and transmitted through body language (also known as non-verbal communication). Consider your reaction about how you might interpret a message from a manager whom you met in the corridor and they asked your opinion on what colour the office […]

Breaking Down Communication Silos Training

This program focuses upon strategies to break down communication silos in your organisation. This program shows you how to level these silos and integrate your people and processes and streamline your communications. Does your organisation have communication silos? We often face interdepartmental disruptions We struggle to clearly communicate across all departments Our departments have become myopic and chase their own […]

Brilliant Workplaces The Female Imprint Course

This course was designed by a female organisational psychologist to give professional females adaptable and strategic skills to work in sectors that are still top-heavy with males. The course is facilitated by an amusing male presenter. The presenter will put forward case studies and interpret them from a male perspective. So, if you’d like to muse and learn how males […]

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