De-Escalating Conflict Techniques
De-Escalating Conflict Techniques

Suddenly you’re in a situation that is boiling out of control. You can feel the tension and you’re fearful of what might happen next. Imagine the difference if you had a toolkit of conflict de-escalation techniques at hand. You’d feel more in control and you not helpless. In fact, these strategies are easy to implement, and you’ll get better and better as your confidence grows. The name of the game is to remain and appear calm and stay safe. You certainly don’t want to unknowingly enflame the situation further so it’s very important that you blueprint your behavioural response. These skills could literally save your life.

Performance Management Training
Performance Management Training

This program will provide your staff with a range of skills and knowledge to better manage and address poor performance. Drawing on current data and using a very practical approach, this program will give your managers the confidence to better manage performance and work towards improved outcomes and productivity. *** Please note we can incorporate your performance management policy and […]

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National training schedule 2021

Instructional Design Master Class (3-Day Workshop)

Location: Melbourne

Date: A hands-on practical course to boost your Instructional Design skills Melbourne - 16th September, 25th & 26th October 2022 Venue: Christies 454 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC - 3000 Timings: 9 AM - 4 PM | $ 1990 (+GST)

National training schedule 2021

Instructional Design Master Class

Location: Melbourne

Date: 6, 7 & 8 December 2021 | $ 1880 (+GST)