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Access to Australia’s best trainers – you are assured of quality – As Australia’s first referred training network, all our trainers have been referred by Senior Managers from a diverse range of industries. By partnering with Preferred Training Networks you have the opportunity to be introduced to our network of quality trainers. Eliminate disappointing training experiences – You can be […]

Brilliant Workplaces The Female Imprint Course

This course was designed by a female organisational psychologist to give professional females adaptable and strategic skills to work in sectors that are still top-heavy with males. The course is facilitated by an amusing male presenter. The presenter will put forward case studies and interpret them from a male perspective. So, if you’d like to muse and learn how males […]

Empowerment and Motivation Skills

The key challenge facing managers and leaders today is to understand how to empower and motivate their team. We all know that people who are motivated will be more productive and perform better at work. The leader of the team is responsible for creating a good work environment for his/her team. This involves spending time trying to understand what motivates […]

Exchanging feedback and creating dialogue
Exchanging feedback and creating dialogue

Plan of action Many of us do not appreciate negative feedback. We like positive feedback and deflect negative feedback. Feedback is certainly influenced by perception, cultural background and emotional intelligence. This program will help your organisation embrace dialogue and feedback as opportunities rather than a perceived threat. How to promote dialogue in your organisation How to position feedback positively How […]

Facilitation Training Course

People often make the mistake of thinking that facilitation is just another name for training or presenting. Facilitation involves a higher level of interaction with the audience and therefore requires a different skill set. Facilitators need to understand group dynamics, be able to engage the participators and use a variety of interactive techniques. This program will provide participants with the […]

How To Engage Your Audience

This program is designed to give your people tips that the experts use to engage an audience in any subject. Would you believe that How to Speed read the Fin Review is one of our most popular presentations? Who should attend? This program is ideal for people who need to make presentations on seemingly dry topics. It’s perfect for anyone […]

How To Stop New Teams Imploding

Unfortunately, this initial enthusiasm wanes. Personalities and egos begin to surface and impact negatively on team morale and performance. Too many new teams become dysfunctional because they are not managed effectively. Internal differences abound leading to an implosion. The imploded team then gets replaced by another enthusiastic new team. And the cycle continues… Team members need to be clear about […]

Learn To Learn

Once learning styles are understood then participants are shown proven methods to modify their communication style so their message is retained. What are the benefits of your Learn to Learn program? 1. Understand the key principles of adult learning. 2. Discover how adult learning styles differ. 3. Engage your listener. 4. Understand the importance of self directed behaviour . 5. […]

Managing Poor Performance and Unacceptable Employee Behaviour

Which behaviours are prevalent in your workplace? Lying Rudeness Employee apathy Backstabbing Swearing Poor time keeping Bullying Innuendo Shadow Managing Poor work Poor workplace behaviour Shouting Imagine the difference if you had no boxes to tick! Believe it or not some workplaces operate seamlessly where employees actually look forward to coming to work! When employees are engaged and feel valued […]

Marketing Skills

How would you rate your organisation’s marketing skills? Ask yourself the following: My team focuses on relationships as well as the product/service. My team know and understand our competitive advantage. My team puts the customer’s/client’s needs first. My team knows how to communicate value. My team knows how to create/add value. My team knows how to deliver value. My team […]


MBYDESIGN 4.1™ was developed in Australia by a team of behavioural psychologists and workplace performance subject experts. MBYDESIGN 4.1™ measures the impact of the training 14-21 days after the program and measures the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to the workplace. It gives your managers a ranked report of what behaviours to observe and encourage in your workplace. MBYDESIGN […]

Performance Appraisals Training (PAT)

If given a choice between a root canal and a performance appraisal, some people would choose the root canal. But why do they need to be so difficult for some people? There is no doubt that the four main stumbling blocks at Performance appraisal time is: Lack of preparation Lack of confidence Lack of skill Lack of relevance. A feeling […]

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