Culture and Diversity

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Cross Cultural Coaching

Achieving a cultural change is not a “click of the fingers” exercise. It needs a well thought out, communicated and executed plan. The challenge is that organisations can skip the planning stage, as cross-cultural activities are often intangible and subjective. You might have the best plan and intentions, but your people will perceive the information differently. Clarity of purpose is […]

Cultural Awareness Training in the Workplace

Our conditioning and cultural backgrounds influence our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. We tend to see the world through our own limited cultural experiences. This perspective is short-sighted as we now operate in a more culturally diverse society. This makes cultural awareness in the workplace essential to improve work relationships and prevent cultural conflicts. By being culturally aware, employees will […]

Cultural Diversity Training
Cultural Diversity Training

Communicating with people from different cultures is very common in today’s workplace. This can involve dealing with a culturally diverse population of stakeholders. With cultural diversity skills training skills, you will be equipped with strategies and techniques to deal with and understand people who are different. How good are you at dealing with different cultures in the workplace? Ask yourself […]

Cultural Intelligence Training
Cultural Intelligence Training

An opportunity to boost the cultural intelligence of your team Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to relate to and work across cultures. People with higher CQ are usually more successful at blending into diverse environments. People with high CQ can quickly adapt their behaviour to fit with the environment. If you’ve ever seen a horse whisperer in action, you’ll […]

Merging Cultures And Minds

Benefits of attending this program This program will help your organisation in: Breaking down communication silos. Managing organisational change effectively. Making sure any changes are correctly understood in the minds of the people. Understanding that people are just different, not difficult. Using influencing skills to increase productivity. Aligning your company’s strategy with the employee’s goals. Making sure that the core […]

Multicultural Training Plan

4 MULTICULTURAL TRAINING PLAN IDEAS Here are some recommendations and suggested courses to build your multicultural capabilities Recommendation Strategy 4 Training Ideas KPIs Building cultural competence To develop the cultural competence of staff To develop the cultural competence of managers and leaders Cultural Awareness Training for Staff Cultural Awareness Training for Managers Number of staff completed training Number of managers […]

Working with New and Emerging Diverse Communities

Introduction Recent research carried out as part of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs’ Productive Diversity Partnerships program indicates that while there is growing awareness of an interest in diversity, there remains a low level of practical action to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by Australia’s new and emerging communities. A common response to presentations on the benefits of […]

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Change Management Course

Why Change Management Course? Employees often

Cultural Diversity Training

Communicating with people from different cultures

Dealing with Difficult Patients & Carers

The key to dealing with difficult patients and

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