Action Planning

Plan of action An idea or strategy is valueless without a plan of action. Many people get consumed with brilliant concepts and pay too little attention to implementation. Some people would rather tackle a crocodile than follow through with an action plan. This program helps people follow a proven methodology of setting and measuring the achievement of action plans. How […]

How To Be Strategic

What does it really mean to be strategic? Recently at a breakfast presentation with over 100 participants, we were asked to do this simple exercise. The presenter asked us to close our eyes. Then we were asked to extend our arms and point in the direction of West. Then we opened our eyes. As you can imagine there were people […]

How To Set An Interim Strategy

Why set an interim strategy? Ask yourself the following questions: It helps to calm down people and reduces nervousness It lets your people know that your organisation is being proactive It removes miscommunication and gossip It aligns people’s thinking and decision making styles It breaks down the perception of chaos into bite sized pieces It helps achieve tactical short term […]

Strategic Thinking

People must think while they act, not in a step-by-step way towards a known goal but in irregular ways. Strategic thinking involves thinking ahead to what can happen; identifying what can go wrong and preparing for these eventualities. This can also be called long term planning. It assists us to be proactive and plan ahead. Planning is the activity of […]

Strategy Training

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion” – L Bolman “Strategy” must be one of the most understood words in organisations. People often leave meetings remarking that the meeting was very “strategic.” Indeed, a single utterance of the word’s “strategy” or “strategic” make everyone feel good. Alas, the problem is that most organisation don’t have a clear strategy. Or […]

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Change Management Course

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National training schedule 2021

Instructional Design Master Class (3-Day Workshop)

Location: Melbourne

Date: A hands-on practical course to boost your Instructional Design skills Melbourne - 16th September, 25th & 26th October 2022 Venue: Christies 454 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC - 3000 Timings: 9 AM - 4 PM | $ 1990 (+GST)

National training schedule 2021

Instructional Design Master Class

Location: Melbourne

Date: 6, 7 & 8 December 2021 | $ 1880 (+GST)